Reference projects

Crisis and interim management

2010 to 2014: Crisis caused restructuring, turnaround management and strategic business expansion of a German medium sized company in the sector of large-scale antennas and heavy mecatronic structures;
Contract for company management over 2.5 years


Company conversion and development

2014 to 2016: Conversion of a local project company in Chile to a normal commercial SpA-type company for industrial Plant Maintenance located in Santiago de Chile


2014 to 2016: Conception, preparation and start-up of a company for design, manufacture and distribution of business and casual clothes for athletic people including a shareholding


2008 to 2014: Cooperation in the development and the operational business of a company for China-specific management consulting and M & A services in Germany and China


2013 to 2015: acquisition management including a shareholding of a medium sized service company and support of the managing co-owner after the takeover in all business matters


Project management

2012 to 2016: Takeover of the German part of the project management of an international plant construction project in Chile in a very difficult project situation; total reorganization of project logistic, final assembly and commissioning in Chile with a successful project completion



Since 2006: Long-term consulting of the company management and the shareholders of a German aerospace company in all business matters


2009 to 2013: Consulting of the shareholder and managing director of a medium sized company for automotive development and production planning in all business matters