AWBI Service GmbH / Gröbenzell

Founded in 2015, AWBI Service GmbH is 100% owned by Dr. Wolfgang Brunn (it will soon be a wholly-owned subsidiary of A W Brunn International GmbH) and is a selective service provider for strategic business expansion, rationalization, crisis-induced restructuring and interim management. AWBI cooperates from case to case with the other companies of the AWBI- and MBL Group.

(Remark: AWBI Service GmbH does not have its own website.)

VCUT GmbH  / Gröbenzell

VCUT GmbH is a start-up company and was founded in January 2016 with a share rate of A W Brunn International GmbH of 1/3.
Under the Aesparel brand, the company is currently the world’s first company to offer serial casual and business apparel for athletes with its own special serial sizes.

mst Group GmbH / Munich

The mst group GmbH in Munich was taken over by its managing director, another partner and A W Brunn International GmbH (each 1/3 of the shares) with about 30 employees from the company founder and is today a stable medium-sized company with ca. 150 employees. The core businesses of the company are e-learning, seminar-, training- and project management Services.

Today, A W Brunn International GmbH holds a 10% stake in mst group GmbH through an intermediate holding company, which holds 1/3 of the shares.